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VanGo is dedicated to driving your brand/company further 24/7, how do we do it?

The Renault Vans are unique in their performance and design, is unique in it’s performance and design, and with VanGo providing the full logistics and marketing, it is a very cost effective form of premium transport and advertising, combined - especially when compared to other similar types of media, such as bus stops, back of buses and stationary billboards.   They offer permanent and changeable advertising for little expenditure, with greater exposure to your qualified target market, especially when used alongside other promotions and marketing strategies.


High Speed Van Wrapping Video

Canvas for Business

Van Go vans keep on working even when they're standing still.

Most company vans end up looking so dull and boring that they are unworthy of even a first glance from the public. This is a shocking waste of prime advertising space that should be working hard as an eyeball magnet promoting your business all day long.

Van Go vans however, are another story; our unique © Canvas for Business design process can totally transform your fleet into mobile billboards attracting attention 24/7.

This process includes utilising the services of genuine graphic designers of the highest calibre plus Maya 3D animation software. This means we can quickly mock-up a three dimensional design for your approval, ready to be viewed the second it's ready.

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